How Jannat movie gives you a real picture of how cricket betting works

Cricket betting is a well-sung jingle throughout the year by cricket bookies, in India. The betting sessions
are always on and don’t stop for any hinge or niches. Although, betting in any form is illegal in India, it is quite popular. If you do not meddle with the cricket proceedings, for example, by fixing the match, you can earn a great fortune for yourself.

As we know, the law doesn’t quite lay its hands on the online betting world as the conducting platform are on foreign grounds. The law of online betting is very strict and is implemented properly. Various leagues take place all year round, around the world that give the betting community a chance to try their hand at it. The Big Bash League is quickly growing in popularity, making it the second most famous cricket domestic league after the Indian Premier League. The odds on Big Bash League in India consider form over history which is a huge plus point compared to other leagues.

Cricket betting is a nine to five job for certain people who are extremely dedicated and look for a shortcut to earn money. Cricket bookies are professionals in the field with a clear insight into the game and its different perspectives. Every detail of the game is noted, and bets are placed on the next move. Bets can either be placed on the result of the match or the correct prediction of the results after certain overs, mostly six.

Cricket Betting Is Quite Controversial

Cricket betting is a controversial topic and is, therefore, one of the favorite topics of movie directors today. Cricket betting has been the main plot of many movies and Kunal Deshmukh’s” Jannat” is one of them. “Jannat” is a betting-based film which gives insightsin the betting lifestyle and highlights many prospects regarding the same.

The online betting platforms are taken into account for the first time in the film industry. From the process of account creation to the different ways on how to bet in cricket, learning cricket odds and short techniques are all the highlights of the movie. It was the first film to explore the realms of cricket betting to this depth, unveiling all the cheats and tricks of the game, depicting cricket betting as a blessing in disguise until you take one wrong turn. 

Jannat Gives an In-Depth Look

“Jannat” revolves around the life of a young guy named Arjun, who has a special sensitivity towards cricket. He analyses the game at its best and predicts the next move, accurately. The story of how a one-hit-wonder in gambling gets on the nerves and becomes a parasite to your body. A good boy gone bad; Arjun gets into the alluring world of gambling with his first time being at the local club with friends. The game becomes big as the addiction consumes Arjun’s body and mind. Everything is fine until he turns corrupt. The movie reveals the details about the cricket betting market, decrypting the process and code languages used in the field.

In the movie, all cricket betting “addas” are portrayed in a glamourized manner. The director pays attention to detail and with his full-fledged research, all the minor things have been taken care of starting from the ringing phones, the dressing style, the cryptic language, and the methodology adopted.

The movie shows betting in both legal and illegal ways. Bets starting from ball to ball results are shown. It focuses on Arjun’s sixth sense to analyze the game and creates a different perspective altogether. All the processes of analyzing pitch reports, player's strength, game strategies, weaknesses, weather conditions, etc. are depicted in a detailed manner. What's interesting is that Arjun wins every bet he places, which is possible if you master the skill!

Self-Control Is Necessary

The twist in the plot comes when the top-level gambler turns into match-fixer. Arjun’s only fault was that he started bribing players, manipulating the umpire's decision, changing the pitch condition and tampering with the ball. He fixes matches and wins loads of money only to spend it all on the luxurious life he had imagined for himself. However, he gets caught in the racket for allegedly murdering the cricket coach for match-fixing, a crime which he had not committed.

What can we take away from the movie? Ifyou focus on betting and polish your skills in the area, the game can make you rich! However, steer clear of using any cheat codes as shortcuts lead to doom. 

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