Ram Charan Bruce Lee Movie Review

Ram Charan and Srinu Vytla teamed up for the first time for a Telugu starrer titled Bruce Lee-The Fighter, which is riding high with huge expectations. Firstshowz brings you Bruce Lee Telugu Movie Review.
Ram Charan plays the role of Karthik, a stuntman in the movie, while people around him fondly called Bruce Lee, justifying the title. Ram Charan has even learnt mixed martial arts called Zaika for the film in Hongkong.

Director Srinu Vytla says the film is not an action entertainer, but is laced with the mix of comedy, romance and drama to appeal to major sections of Telugu audiences. The film also has sister sentiment where Kriti Kharbanda plays the role. Tisca Chopra, Rao Ramesh, Nadhiya, Jayaprakash Reddy, Amitash Pradhan, Brahmanandam and Arun Vijay have played important roles.

Rakul Preet Singh romanced Ram Charan in the film, and the duo dances are going to be a visual treat. After several years, Megastar Chiranjeevi is going to appear on big-screens and fans are delighted to watch him. Jayaprakash Reddy and Brahmanandam comedy scenes are going to be other major highlight according to makers.

Srinu Vytla, Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan are back together with Bruce Lee-The Fighter raising the expectations on the movie.

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Karthik (Ram Charan) is a stuntman with screentitle Bruce Lee. He loves his family too much that he would go any extent for them. He gives away his educational career for his sister Kavya (Kriti Kharbhanda) sake. Riya (Rakul Preet Singh) sees Karthik in cop attire and falls for him thinking he is a real-cop, while Karthik at several instances saves her from some goons, which only earns him revenge from Deepak Raj (Arun Vijay) and gand.

Meanwhile, Kavya also faces some issues with Deepak Raj and his father Jayraj (Sampath). The rest of the story is how Karthik solves his family issues, while you need to watch the film to see where Chiranjeevi fits in this story setup.

Artists Performances

Mega Star Chiranjeevi is back on big-screens with a brief cameo, and he is his usual best with amazing screen-presence. Chiru’s cameo is major advantage to the film, and is sure a feast to all his fans.

Ram Charan looks a bit different in the film trying out comedy and emotional scenes, rather than his usual mass elements. His energy is terrific and he dances like a dream. He has taken every song to a new level with his sharp cut steps.

Rakul Preet Singh is charming and has tried out a bit of comedy, while she had danced brilliantly sharing sizzling chemistry with Ram Charan.

Kriti Kharbanda is justifying as Ram Charan’s sister, Rao Ramesh is apt, while Pavitra Lokesh is convincing. Sampath Raj does another commendable job while Arun Vijay gets all the praises for his negative act. He is very impressive as the baddie.

Bramhanandam is okay while Jaya Prakash Reddy, Posani and Prithvi manage to evoke few laughs. Nadiya and Tisca Chopra roles could have etched well.

Technicians Role

Thaman’s tunes are catchy and so is his background score. Riya and Run songs are superbly shot on screens while Ram Charan has done entertaining dances in Bruce Lee title track.

Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa is grand and colorful. Kona Venkat’s dialogues are crisp and near.

ANL Arasu’s stunts deserve a special mention while MR Varma’s editing is consistent.
Sreenu Vaitla’s direction leaves us to desire for more. DVV Entertainment production values are rich.


Rather than his regular entertaining comedy-format films, Srinu Vytla chose a family story with Bruce Lee that has father-son and brother-sister equations. The family emotions sure are heart-touching, and build the momentum towards interval in the first half. But the tempo drops in the much-needed second half. It’s only Chiranjeevi’s entrance at the end that lifts and saves the entire second hour.

The main negative aspect of Bruce Lee is the storyline which is an age-old one, though the characterizations are modernly-etched. The screenplay and narration too lacked the entertaining elements in the second hour. The story has nothing new to offer while the screenplay also has no proper twists to entertain.

On the whole, Charan’s performance and dances, Chiranjeevi’s cameo, Rakul’s glamour and Thaman’s music and production values are the major positives, while some entertaining elements or engaging narration could have taken the film to next level. On the whole, Bruce Lee is a family-drama with the needed commercial elements.


Bruce Lee - The Fighter- Ram Charan’s show all the way!


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