Krishnastami Movie Review

After taking a brief break, comedian turned hero Sunil is back to big-screens with Krishnastami, which also happens to be his most expensive movie till date. Will Sunil manage to score a hit with Krishnastami. Read Sunil's Krishnastami Movie Review.
Sunil plays an NRI in the movie, and on his visit to India, how he faces some complex situations is all about Krishnastami. Nikki Galrani, and Dimple Chopade are cast opposite Sunil in the film. Brahmanandam, Ashutosh Rana, Mukesh Rishi, Posani Krishna Murali, Suman, Sapthagiri, Pavithra Lokesh and Tulasi played supporting roles.
Chota K Naidu handled the camera, Dinesh scored tunes and Goutham Raju took charge of editing department for this family entertainer, directed by Vasu Varma and produced by Dil Raju.
Krishnastami Movie Review updated below.

Krishna Vara Prasad (Sunil) is a game designer living in US, and wishes to come back to India after 18 long years. However, his uncle (Mukesh Rishi) makes him stay in US finding some or the other reason. But when his uncle arranges a wedding to him, Krishna plans his visit to India without informing in any of his family members.

But on his way, a connecting flight in Europe gets cancelled and he comes across Pallavi (Nikki Galrani) and falls for her. Once he reaches India, Krishna gets attacked by a gang, and he realizes he is stuck in a revenge attack. How will Krishna resolve this forms Krishnashtami story.

Artists Performances

Sunil is just okay in his role, but his energy and his style of comedy are clearly missing in the movie. . His dances are good though. The characterization is more suited for young star heroes. Sunil’s strength lies in comedy, and he should opt for such scripts.

Despite having two heroines Nikki Galrani and Dimple Chopade on board, none of them had scope for performance and are restricted to glamour show.

Mukesh Rishi impresses in a positive role and Ashutosh Rana is just okay.

Posani and Sapthagiri are hilarious in few scenes while Brahmanandam brings in few laughs. Prudhvi is wasted.

Bhavana, Roller Raghu, Viva Harsha filled the screens.

Technicians Role

Cinematography is on top-notch and the songs are all shot in exotic locales of Europe.

Dinesh’s musical scores are mediocre and so is the BGM.

Vasu Varma’s writing is bad while the direction is inconsistent.

Dialogues are okay and so is the art work.

Editing isn’t up to the mark.

Production values are rich.


If you’re expecting a fun-filled Sunil-mark comedy with Krishnashtami, well you’re in for a disappointment. Not just the comedy, but sadly nothing works in favor of the movie. The plot is age-old, characterizations are poor and proceedings are silly.

Vasu Varma completely failed in direction department with this wafer thin, routine plot. He has also failed in etching performances from leads and making the family drama engaging. The emotional scenes never work and there are hardly any exciting factors right from the word go.

While the first half is passable with at least few comedy scenes here and there, the second half is a way to boredom. Lack of Sunil mark comedy is another disappointment for his fans or comedy film lovers.


Krishnashtami – Dull & Boring


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