Malupu Movie Review

Aadhi Pinisetty teamed with his brother and director Sathya Prabhas Pinisetty for a suspense thriller Malupu, which is the dubbed version of Tamil movie Yagavarayinum Naa Kaakka. Let’s see how the movie is with Malupu Movie Review


Saga (Aadhi) tries to protect the lives of his three close friends, when they start reciveing threats from a Mumbai based don (Mithun Chakravarthy) and his gang. When Saga plans to apologize to the don on behalf of his friends, he gets to know that there is a solid reason behind this entire scenario, an incident happened during the new year’s eve of 2014.

What is the incident? What happened that night and how are these friends involved forms rest of Malupu.

Artists Performances

Aadi Pinisetty as Saga leaves a strong impact with his believable role, who risks everything for his friends. He is very good in the climax sequences.

Nikki Galrani is good in her tomboyish role, and performs what she is expected.

Richa Pallod is effective in a crucial role.

Mithun Chakravarthy has brilliant screen presence while Harish Uttaman and Pasupathy were significant.

Pragathi is okay and Shravan is impressive; Nasser is his usual self. Others are adequate.

Technicians Role

Shanmuga Sundaram’s cinematography is brilliant showcasing the theme very neatly.

Prasan Praveen Shyam's background music is engaging and elevating while V J Sabu Joseph's editing is crisp.

A couple of songs could have been edited out to make the film much more engaging.

The story is interesting and screenplay is gripping, while the direction is impressive.

Malupu is technically sound and production values are rich.


Tollywood audiences have likeness for the thrillers and horror genres, and Malupu has all the potential to keep the viewers hooked to the screens.

The story is interesting and the screenplay is taut and gripping, maintaining the suspense right till the end. The proceedings are engaging, and the twists and thrills are exciting as the story unfolds.

While the real twist unfolds only in the latter half, the scenes are filled with intense emotions and the presentation of flashback is impressive.
Aadhi and Nikki Galrani’s love story is refreshing, while confrontation scenes between Mithun and Aadhi are brilliant.

The entire major cast has delivered impressive performances. The climax however could have been better without the over the top violence.

Also the Tamil nativity may not suit to Telugu audiences taste, but Malupu is still an engaging watch with some thrilling moments making it an edge of the seat thriller.


Malupu- Engaging Thriller


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