Manchu Manoj Shourya Movie Review

Manchu Manoj’s Shourya in the direction of Dasarath has released today on 4th March, and here is Shourya Movie Review.
Manchu Manoj romances Regina Cassandra in the movie, while Prakash Raj, Sayaji Shinde, Subbaraju, Nagineedu and Brahmanandam played key roles. Malkapuram Siva Kumar is producing the movie under Suraksh Entertainments. Vedaa composed the music.
The makers of Shourya promoted the film as a thrilling love story. Will it be as thrilling and entertaining for audiences? Can Dasarath score a hit this time? 
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Shourya (Manchu Manoj) falls in love with Nethra (Regina Cassandra), daughter of MP Sathyamurthy (Nagineedu). Due to the troubles from the parents they plan to elope and live in a different country, but meanwhile Nethra gets attacked by someone, and Shourya gets framed for the murder.

Krishna Prasad (Prakash Raj) gets appointed to deal this case. Who is behind Nethra’s attack? Did Shourya really plan it? What happened to Nethra forms the rest of Shourya story


After Nenu Meeku Telusa and Vedam, Manchu Manoj opts for another experimental and subdued role, and he is convincing in his characterization. He is brilliant in the pre-interval bang.

Regina Cassandra looks beautiful in traditional role, and she plays her limited part quite well.

Prakash Raj is perfect in the role of investigation officer.

Prabhas Srinu succeeds in comic role.

Sayaji Shinde, Nagineedu and Subbaraju are justifying in their roles. Others are adequate.

Technicians Role

Vedha’s musical scores are decent but hinder the flow. Cinematography is appealing. BGM is good and goes with the flow.

Dasarath’s direction is mediocre and so is the Gopu Kishore’s screenplay, which could have been taut and gripping.

Editing is below par and dialogues are nothing to boast of.

Production values are standard.


Dasarath who is known for family entertainers, has tried out a distinct genre crime-thriller plot interlaced with love story with Shourya. The plotline is different and the twists and turns are interesting, but the execution is bad.

The first half of the movie proceeds at a snail pace, even dragging than a TV serial. The execution falls flat and except for a couple of scenes, the first half is boring. It’s only before interval, the happenings gets interesting and the second half has good number of twists and turns that are dealt well. But then the climax yet again is regular and the screenplay has some loopholes.

The run time is crisp, but had the director focused on taut screenplay and engaging execution, Shourya could have been an appealing thriller. But Shourya falls short of expectations due to half-baked attempt by makers.


Shourya- Thrilling storyline executed not-so thrillingly!

RATING: 2.75/5

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