Navdeep fires on Media

Actor Navdeep is all into the news for a wrong reason today. Few of the media channels has posted news on Navdeep as the actor has arranged a Rave Party in his Village Farm House. It is also mentioned as, Navdeep along with few young artists from film industry has abscounded from the place immediately.

The actor within no time has responded via his social networking page about the rumor.

Hilarious news of the day! Dinner with parents and families - rave party! When questioned about it say "cant name my sources!" #journalism

My mother was with me what's wrong with u! Anything for trps? No checking facts no checking with me atleast! #blindjournalism

Guess when writing s**t is your bread and butter .. You should be excused! Cool bro , go find your other news of the day! smile emoticon #peace

If my mother was not there last night, even she wouldnt have believed me and cried all morning! Who would answer her? #myquestiontojournalists

Hey look i found pictures from the RAVE party I ran away with my mother and other family last night!! #shameonyou

Well, Navdeep has given enough punches to the concerned channels by also showing the exact proof  of the his family and relatives who are part of the house warming function.

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