The Anushree Experiments movie release date

The Anushree Experiments, the second feature film from Aparna Malladi [Nupur (ankle bracelets), Mitsein, Rosy Theatre Kanapur] will debut in theaters on April 1st, 2016.
The film has a clean ‘U’ rating from CBFC and is perfectly positioned to entertain families of all ages seeking a wholesome and inspiring summer movie.

The family-friendly film explores the coming-of-age of a spirited young woman and how the transition affects her relationship with her family, friends & her world at large. “I made this film to inspire young women who are dealing with their emerging adulthood and are trying to find their freedom to realize their full potential in a world of pure possibilities,” said Director Malladi.

Filled with wit, humor & heart, The Anushree Experiments follows Anushree Sharma (Sri) during her last weeks of college – failing grades, girlfriends, love interests & pressure from her parents to meet potential bridegrooms. To dodge arranged marriage, Sri comes up with ingenious schemes to sabotage her parent’s plans, When put her under “house arrest”, Sri gets inspired by Gandhi’s autobiography ‘My Experiments with Truth’ and goes on a comical Gandian style fast bringing her entire world down to free herself.

The film features London based Hyderabad actor Ulrika Krishnamurti [Rockford] as Anushree Sharma. The cast also includes Los Angeles based Anita Kalathara [The Mindy Project], Meka Ramakrishna (Baahubali] & Hemanth Yerra (Varadhi]. The Anushree Experiments introduces US based Karimnagar actor Vengal Rao Kanaparthi as Karthik – Sri’s love interest.

The Anushree Experiments is an ideal addition to the slate of low-budget indie films being made and released in Hyderabad. The film features a female protagonist, is helmed by a female director & producer and had the distinction of have approximately 50% female crew.

The Anushree Experiments is produced & directed by Aparna Malladi and shot in and around Hyderabad. She Creates Cinema & Movie Knight Studios partnered to make The Anushree Experiments. The film is being self-released and will have a limited theatrical release in Hyderabad, Vijayawada & Visakhapatnam.

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