Tuntari Movie Review

Nara Rohit's Tuntari in the direction of Kumar Nagendra has hit the big screens today. This Maan Karate remake is released with good expectations. Let’s see how the film fares. Read Tuntari Movie Review on Firstshowz.com

Nara Rohit plays an entertaining role and as boxer in this youthful entertainer, while Latha Hegde plays his love interest. AR Murugadoss provided the story for the film, and Ashok and Nagarjun produced it on Sri Keerthi Films banner. Sai Karthik composed the music. 

Kabir Duhan Singh, Ali and Vennela Kishore played the supporting roles. 

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Five Corporate employees go on a trip to Anantha Giri Hills, where they come across a saint who gives them a newspaper which is few months ahead of their time. Going through the paper, they get to know about a lucky chance to win five crores by betting on a boxing competition on a guy Raju (Nara Rohit).

Delighted with this news, the group of friends finds Raju who is actually an aimless guy in life. How will they convince him to learn boxing and will they actually win the Rs.5 Crore money prize is rest of Tuntari.

Actors Performances

Nara Rohit’s entertaining role evokes laughs, and his diction, expressions and one liner are hilarious in the first half. He is impressive in the emotional scenes in the second half, while he looked a bit over weight for the boxer look.

Latha Hegde is just okay, and she isn’t a brilliant performer too. The chemistry between the lead actors doesn’t work either.

Kabir Singh Duhan is apt as boxer and justifies his role. 

Vennela Kishore, Shakalaka Shankar and team impress us with their engaging performances.

Ali is hilarious and others including Kasi Vishwanath, Sanjay Swaroop, Sanjay Reddy were adequate.

Technicians Role

Camera work is classy and musical scores by Sai Karthik are below par and the placement disturbs the flow, while the background score goes with the flow.

Dialogues are entertaining and have the needed comic punches, as well as emotionally connecting lines.

Kumar Nagendra does a good job as director for this remake, making it racier. But the second half looked a bit rushed during climax.

Editing could’ve been better in second half.

Production values are rich.


Tuntari has story by AR Murugadoss which is innovative and the scope for elements like comedy, emotion drama, action and a fantasy angle as well. Director Kumar Nagendra succeeds in extracting good performances from the cast, and making it racier. The comedy track and the punch lines are good enough in the first half, while the curiosity element is maintained.

However, it’s the romance part that doesn’t work much. The chemistry between the leads is lacking, and added to it the placement of songs only hinders the flow of the proceedings. The interval however is interestingly handled, and the second half has few emotional scenes which were dealt impressively. The climax however seems predictable and a bit rushed though.

Nevertheless, Tuntari has a fresh storyline, and an engaging screenplay with apt casting and entertaining comedy. A slightly better second half could’ve done the film more wonders at box-office.

Tuntari: Entertaining and Engaging


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