Sumalatha praises Oopiri film a nutshell...just takes your breath away..
Its an adaption of the very amazing\ french movie Intouchables ..the very choice to adapt this kind of a movie,given the commercial constrains of the telugu movie scenario says a lots about the gumption ,vision & courage of the filmmaker Vamsi Paidipally..a bright new shining star on the telugu mainstream moviescape. He has avoided all the action-dance dream song cliches inspite of the potential threats in a lot of scenes :) You cant help but applaud n admire him for taking this giant stride and placing his faith in the audience's intelligence quotient. Heres someone who doesnt seem to think that the viewer is a fool . The manner in which he has shaped , moulded and presented it ..speaks volumes about his talent.

As for the movie makes you laugh ..a makes u cry a totally connects you emotionally to the main characters played so beautifully by Nag & Karthi..while Nag dares to attempt the role of a wheelchair bound person whose spirit still wants to fly & soar. He manages to convey the frustrations, the joy,sadness & hope in a very nuanced performance and lends that touch of class unique to him..Karthi plays the perfect foil to him...the lovable rake who draws him out and gives him a new lease of life , he crackles the screen with his wit and presence put in filmi language...hes the mass & Nag the class .Karti has also dubbed in telugu himself and pulls it off convincingly...kudos to the duo...its a new kind of chemistry & this just goes to show that it doesnt necessarily have to be always between the hero & heroine! The dialogues & screenplay..a class apart ..Prakashraj & Jayasudha excel in their supporting roles 

Pitch-er Perfect

This is a must watch for all those who must have waited years or decades to watch decent & classy telugu movies narrated in the most unpretentious manner...its one of the most heart-warming I have seen in recent times.
And finally...the makers conviction truly stands vindicated thanks to the overwhelming response at the box office...

Moral : all it takes is a good movie to bring the good audience back :)

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