Suriya 24 Movie Review

Suriya’s big-budget sci-fi film ‘24’ has reached the big-screens today on May 6, and here is our Firstshowz take on it. Read Suriya 24 Telugu Movie Review below..

Suriya for the first time played triple roles in the movie, and Eccentric director Vikram Kumar donned the director cap. In 24, Suriya sports five get-ups, along with the wheel-chair bound old man we had glimpses in trailer. Samantha and Nithya Menon paired up with Suriya.

24 Movie is also going to be high on technical standards, be it AR Rahman’s pleasing musical scores or Tirru aka Tirunavukkarasu’s top-notch cinematography, or Vikram Kumar’s novel script and screenplay or the Amit and Subrata Chakraborthy’s art direction.

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24 plot revolves around a watch, where the owner can travel in time to his past or future and take control of situations.

Siva Kumar (Suriya), a genius scientist invents the watch while his dreadful twin brother Athreya (Suriya) wants to grab the watch from his brother. However his hunt doesn’t get fulfilled for 26 years, and realizes that he has to now snatch it from Siva’s son Mani Shankar (Suriya).

The rest of the twists and turns of fight for a watch forms the rest of 24.


24, it’s all about Suriya, and he plays triple roles in the movie. He is brilliant in his act, especially the negative role as Athreya. He does everything in the movie, be it comedy, action, revenge and in love scenes, he simply is the best versatile actor.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is pretty in the movie, and she does contribute her bit in her usual natural way, though her scenes with Suriya could have been much more intriguing.

Nithya Menon is brief yet has a significant role, and she does it with ease in her limited screen time.

Saranya Ponvannan as a loving mother justifies her role.

Ajay does another key supporting role.

Sudha, Girish Karnad, Mohan Raman played other key roles.


Cinematography is outstanding. Thirru is successful in arresting you to screens with the flawless visuals.

AR Rahman’s musical scores weren’t much pleasing but the BGM sets the mood and elevates the scenes.

Art work and VFX team deserve applause.

All credits to Vikram Kumar for a novel storyline and convincing yet brilliant screenplay. Despite few cinematic liberties and the pace drop, Vikram Kumar deserves applause for his concepts and very different execution. He is definitely class apart from rest of the directors in town. Editing could have been better; Production values from 2D Entertainment are grand.


24 is for all the unique and novelty loving cinemagoers. Vikram Kumar once again comes up with a very different theme, and the writing is wonderful. The backdrop set for the movie, to make the fiction concept believable is another asset of 24, apart from the superb performance by Suriya in 3 different roles.

The Athreya characterization is best of the lot, and Suriya wows us. The love track however is a bit dragging and looked uninteresting. The film has some stunning scenes and a few thrills make you want to clap. The Interval block is perfect for the second half show.  The climax is intelligently written.

Though the cinematic liberties and the pace of the movie are a hurdle at times, they can be overlooked, considering the novelty in story, the racy twists and turns, the brilliant performances, the technical standards and the team’s sincere efforts.

Last Word

24- Go for It

RATING: 3.25/5

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