Sri Sri Movie Review

Superstar Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala combo film Sri Sri Movie has released today worldwide and we bring you Sri Sri Movie Review
this Friday.

Sri Sri Movie is being directed by Muppalneni Siva and produced by Sri Saideeep Chatla, Balu Redy Yeruva, Shaik Siraj under Sri Balaji Srinivasa Productions.

The film has Angana Roy,Aashish Gandhi,Kunal Kaushik,Nikhil Teja, Sai Kumar, Murali Sharma, Posani Krishna Murali, Naresh, LB Sriram and Prudhvi in supporting roles. Actor Sudheer Babu will be seen in special role in the movie. Music is composed by E.S.Murthy.

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Sri Sri aka Sripada Srinivasa Rao (Krishna) leads happy life as retired professor in law with his wife Sumathi (Vijaya Nirmala) and Daugher Swetha (Angana Roy). Swetha is a sincere reporter who traps the scams of J K Bharadwaj (Murali Sharma) and Dr. Bikshapathi (Posani Krishna Murali).

JK and Bikshapathi kill Swetha in front of her Dad Sri Sri with the help of their sons Rahul, Akash and Vicky and collect the proofs. Sri Sri will move to court for justice and fails to win the case due to the political domination.

With no alternative, Sri Sri decides to take revenge on JP and Bikshapathi. Will Sri Sri's revenge get success? How will Sri Sri keep an end to JP and Bikshapathi scams is rest of the story.


Superstar Krishna gets decent response from the audience after many long years for his stupendous performance as Sri Sri. The actor has recently completed 50 years of his film career and took this film as prestigious. His professional acting gets good response through out the film.

Vijaya Nirmala justifies her role as Sri Sri's wife in the film.

Angana Roy’s character is the central lead in the film with powerful role as a journalist.

Naresh etches well as an investigating officer.

Posani Krishna Murali and Murali Sharma perform well as the baddies.

The other roles by Sai Kumar, LB Sri Ram, Prudhvi are OK.

Sudheer Babu's cameo worked out well.

Technical Deparment:

E S Murthy Music has nothing to do with the film and the back ground score is loud.

Cinematography Sateesh Muthyala is an asset.

Editing by Ram could have been better.

Director Muppalaneni Siva has handled this film with pack of revenge scenes and powerful dailogues. The screenplay and narration could have been gripping.

Sri Balaji Srinivasa Productions Production Values is rich.


'Sri Sri' comes with routine revenge format with trademark dialogues by Superstar Krishna. The director has kept complete focus on Krishna's role and designed the story line with what is currently going in society either the good or bad.

Krishna's role is a major asset and Naresh gives extra relief with his energetic performance. Sudheer Babu's cameo is a surprise. Rest of the roles come and go with no interesting scenes in the movie.

The movie starts of with slow pace with family and emotional content and turns violent in the latter half with Revenge. However, the director has not climbed the ladder to catch hold the success due to fail in screenplay and lag in narration.


Routine Revenge Drama

RATING: 2.5/5

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