Kabali Telugu Movie Review

Firstshowz brings you Rajinikanth's Kabali Movie Review directed PA.Ranjith.
The movie is released worldwide with huge expectations among the fans by visioning the craze of Kabali.

The film has Radhika Apte and Sai Dhansika in crucial roles and Kalaipuli S. Thanu is the producer. Santhosh Narayanan provides tunes to this movie.

Read below for Kabali Movie Review.


Kabaleeswaran alias Kabali (Rajinikanth) will be releasing from Malaysian Jail after 25 years. Being the revolutionary gang leader, Kabali fights against local mafia don Tony Lee (Winston Chao) to grab rights of the migrant Telugu workers in Kuala Lumpur. His motto will be incompleted due to cunning activities and illegal stunts from Tony Lee and his gang.

Wasting no time, Kabali decides start up mission on Tony Lee to demolish his rule to fight against justice. Will Kabali take vengeance on Tony Lee? What happens to Kabali’s wife Kumudhavalli (Radhika Apte) is worth watching it on big screen.


Thailaiva Rajinikanth needs no introduction for his extraordinary performance. His styles and emotions in the film are major asset.

Radhika Apte gives her decent performance in the movie and justifies in crucial role as Rajini's wife.

Dhansika impresses with her matured performance in the movie.

Winston Chao looks terrific as cold blooded don.

Technical Department:

Santhosh Narayan's BGM is heart of the film and the music especially for Nippu Raa is breath taking with powerpacked theme.

Murali's Cinematography is a major asset while the editing could have been better.

Production Values by Kalaipuli S Thanu  is decent.

Director PA.Ranjith has maintained realistic screenplay with slow narration. His direction looks neat with neat screenplay through out the film. The only drawback in the movie is slow paced narration with no rapid pace in the screenplay.


Kabali is the film with Gangster Backdrop and the fans of Rajinikanth might be disappointed with the movie result. The story and screenplay were terrible in execution. Apart from Rajinikanth and Radhika Apte's screen presence the film looks an incomplete meal for all the fans who come into theaters with expectations to visualize Rajini's stylish acts.

PA Ranjith has wasted his opportunity to score a massive hit through this movie. The film's first half goes on racy note while the latter half deals with actual story with boring scenes and an anti climax.

Apart from the first twenty minutes and the pre-interval block the film has nothing to do with the screenplay or twists. Overall, this is one man show from Rajinikanth.

Final Word:

One Man Show from Rajinikanth

RATING: 2.75/5

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