Khaidi No 150 Movie Live Updates

Here we bring you Megastar Chiranjeevi's Khaidi No 150 Movie Live Updates.
Sit back and Follow our updates here.

4.24 AM  DONE..... It's Chiranjeevi's show all the way. After a Gap.... BOSS IS BACK.... 

4.10 AM. Emotional Scenes are showcasing and its time for CLIMAX with huge action scenes

3.57 AM: Some intense scenes are on rolling now

3.44 AM: Time for Ammadu Lets Do Kummudu Song. Chiranjeevi, Kajal dance moves are superb and Ram Charan's joins Kummudu Dance along with them for few seconds.

3.32 AM Director VV Vinayak surprises in Cameo.

3.28 AM: Court Scenes and Mega Brother Naga Babu makes an entry as a judge.

3.22 AM: COIN Fight is all we are waiting and the fight goes on interesting note

3.19 AM: Actor Jaya Prakash Reddy gets into scene with funny timing.

3.12 AM: Time for Duet... YOU and ME is on 

3.05 AM 2nd Half rolls on... Posani makes an entry with good laughs


2.57AM: Pre Interval Scenes are filming and the BGM goes extraordinary with high action sequence

2.50 AM Story takes an emotional turn now.. BGM song Neeru Neeru is on NOW.

2.45 Some Serious scenes and fun scenes are on now where Chiru meets villain.

2.40 AM Time for the Second Song Sundari... Chiranjeevi's grace has been redefined once again with this song... Should be the talk of the town from the next show..

2.34 AM Villain Tarun Arora takes on terrific entry

2.32 AM: Comedian Brahmanandam enters into the scenes. Fun ride expected

2.28 AM :Surprisingg, Chiranjeevi will be seen in dual role and the character has been introduced now.

2.20 AM: Gorgeous Kajal Aggarwal comes into the scene now.

2.16 AM Time for the first song RathaaluRathaalu.. Chiru grace 
Laxmi Raai's glamour adds extra fire to the song..

2:12 AM : Ali makes an entry and joins Chiru's company

2:08 AM: Conversation between Chiranjeevi and Jail Management

2.06 AM: Megastar Chiranjeevi's mega powerful entry in a prison now

2.05 AM: Movie starts off with titles rolls on.. Pleasant Background Score

2.00 AM: Movie starts off with titles rolls on.. Pleasant Background Score

Projector ON... All Whistles and Grand Welcome #BossisBack, Jai Chiranjeeva shouts from all corners of the theater.

The film is directed by VV Vinayak and produced by Ram Charan under his Konidela Production House Banner. Kajal Aggarwal is seen in female lead role while Raai Laxmi sizzles in a special song. Music by DSP.

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