Appatlo Ippatlo Short Film Promo

Watch Appatlo Ippatlo Short Film Promo directed by Sangeetham Chittiraju. Praneeth Yendluri takes care of Cinematography
Editing, Graphics and Sound. Appatlo Ippatlo Short Film has Venkatesh, Naveen, Priya, Hema Twins, John Mark, Sai Kumar and all in crucial roles. This short film is based on based on 1980's and 2018's Love stories. Sangeetham Films and Prani Films jointly produced this short film. Rupesh is the cameraman. Bhanu Sree Reddy, Damu supports as Asst Directors. The Posters and Publicity Designs by Poornima POORNI DESIGNS.

Promotional Partners: Prani Clicks,

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