Kriti Sanon responds on her controversial Giraffe Photoshoot!

Kriti Sanon’s Cosmopolitan Magazine Photoshoot for India’s August issue stirred a controversy as the pic looked liked the actress posing with a giraffe that appears to be hanging from the ceiling.

“I’m not someone who gets angry easily, but when I read about atrocities against women, it really upsets me.’ Meet our cover girl @kritisanon being her candid self in our August issue,” the caption on the Magazine coverpage read.

The portrayal looked disturbing and quickly sparked a controversy with social media users commenting  on what message are they trying to convey with this awful shoot.

Kriti Sanon however responded to the uproar, "It was a normal photoshoot in a palace kind of hotel in London; the decor was in the wildlife zone. It’s all fake. I am an animal lover. My quote hasn’t been written in my actual words. I will ask them to change the caption. I spoke about how the rape and sexual abuse cases really disturb me and how I would want to do something about it. "

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