Why Kaushal Army is furious with Tanish, Babu Gogineni

In #BiggBossTelugu2, Tanish and Babu Gogineni seems to be witnessing Kaushal and his fans anger especially
in the luxury budget task. Kaushal made a smart move in stealing the coins to win the Men Vs Women task this week.

But both Tanish and Babu Gogineni seem to favoring Women team than their own team in this regard. This seems to be irking Kaushal army who has already been targeting in eliminating both these contestants this week.

Meanwhile Kaushal's detractors are supporting Tanish and Babu and casting their votes for them. This week's nomination is going to be quite interesting. Going by stats, whenever Kaushal was not nominated, a strong contestant was eliminated from the show. Let's wait to see who gets eliminated in #BiggBossTelugu2 this sunday.

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