Sree Vishnu opposes VBVR director's controversial remarks

Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayulu director Indrasena made some controversial statements on reviewers today, and his tweets went viral on social media shocking Tollywood fraternity. However Sree Vishnu, one of the actors from the film differed with the director's statement, and condemned the director's remark on critics.

Sree Vishnu released a statement saying, "I genuinely respect all the reviews and opinions for #VBVR...I will see you soon with my next project... hope your wishes are with me as always..."and also adds "I dont have any relation with what the director has quoted about reviewers and the posters. In my view, i always supported and respected reviewers." in his twitter handle.

Indrasena earlier today had shown his "middle finger" to reviewers who rated the Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayulu badly. "U can save a bad movie with good reviews. But u can’t kill a good movie with worse reviews. "Middle Finger" shame on u. @VbvrTheFilm is a CULT movie.  And it will get it’s due CULT status slowly by time,"

He further tweeted, "Maybe reviewers couldn't able to understand the totality of the @VbvrTheFilm. So I will explain the whole movie to u guys in a small paragraph. As a director it's my responsibility to explain it to the so called pseudo intellectual brains."

Describing the movie, he added, "It's a Linearly non-linear, Non-linearly inciting, Incitingly mysterious, Mysteriously engaging, Engagingly mind-bending, Mind-bendingly multi layered and edge of the seat neo social noir crime thriller. Don't go by others judgement, Watch it by yourself !!So signing off as of now. Better things to do. Himalaya's are calling me."

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