Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene Movie Review

Hero Sundeep Kishan's Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene film has released today and got
positive buzz. The Mystery Mirror frame which got decent buzz in the promos has got a decent plot in execution.  Caarthick Raju who directed this horror flick is being produced by Sundeep Kishan, Daya Pannem and Viji Subrahmanian. S. Thaman composes tunes. 


Newly Married Couple, Rishi (Sundeep Kishan) and Diya (Anya Singh) meets with car accident in out skirts of Hyderabad. However, they reach safe to thier home.  Rishi who casually looks into mirror finds an haunting face and confirms the same happens to Diya too. 

Confused Rishi decides to solves this mystery and approaches psychiatrist (Murali Sharma) to find the solution. Interestingly,  Arjun (Karthick Naren) and Madhavi (Malavika Nair) also meets to research on the same case. 

Why did Sundeep Kishan and Diya happens to see other personalities on Mirror ? How is lost lives releated to Rishi and Diya is rest of the story.


Sundeep Kishan finally gets a bang with this unique script selection. His acting is natural and gets good scope to perform through out the film.

Anya Singh has less scope to perform and limited to few scenes and portrayed for glamour. 

Vennela Kishore is heart of the film

Murali Sharma and Posani Krishna Murali gets important roles


Director Caarthick Raju has given decent narration and tries to engage with this innovative narration. 

Thaman’s background score is good 

PK Varma cinematography is impressive. 

Production Values is rich.


Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene is a decent one time watchable flick and the story has nice twists and turns before the interval bang. The background score plays an important role through out the film. However, Sundeep Kishan has given his best to make the audience to edge to thier seats with an interesting plot.


Horror Mirror 

RATING – 3.25/5

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