25 Censor cuts for Kajal's Paris Paris!

Kajal Aggarwal is playing the lead role in Paris Paris, the Tamil remake of the Bollywood hit, Queen. The film has wrapped up but it's facing some issues with the censor process, and the board officials suggested at least 25 Censor cuts for Kajal's Queen.

Apparently, CBFC had some issues clearing Paris Paris censor and suggested to blur and mute 25 visuals and dialogues. The filmmakers however are planning to approach the Revising Committee.

Leading lady Kajal is also quite upset with the censor officials. Kajal clarified that Paris Paris is a faithful remake of Queen and is surprised about officials suggesting so many cuts. She says that the team of Queen did not want to hurt anyone’s intentions and those scenes just happen in our lives. 

Watch Kajal Aggarwal's Paris Paris Teaser below

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