Guna 369 Movie Review

RX100 fame Kartikeya is back with a bang on film again. His recent released film
Guna 369 is getting decent buzz for its screenplay and the actor’s lively performance.

Guna 369 is directed by Arjun Jandhyala and produced under Gnapika Entertainments with Amireddy Tirumal Reddy, Anil Kadiyala as the producers. Chaitan Bharadwaj is the music composer.

The film has Anagha, Shivaji Raja, Adithya Menon in key roles.


Guna (Kartikeya) is a decent guy who tries to solve the issues whenever someone clashes. When Guna's life goes on well with his friend Bhattu (Rangasthalam Mahesh) and lover Geetha (Anagha), an unfortunate incident darkens Guna.

How did Guna deal the situation? What happens next is rest of the story.


Kartikeya is energetic and well performed in his character. His acting is improved and gets in tone with his 6 pack body.

Anagha has an attractive screen presence through out the film and her chemistry with Kartikeya is visual feast.

Jabardasth Mahesh justifies his role

Senior Naresh and Hema roles have a good performance oriented in the movie.


Director Arjun Jandyala has good thoughts in presenting Guna 369 in a content oriented aspect and he has given his best to make sure audience will have a positive vibes. However, the director had a miss in delivering execution part in lack of intensity in narration.

Chaitan Bharadwaj music has low noise and the BGM has all the necessary ailments.

Production values by Gnapika are rich.

Editing is average

Cinematography by Raam Reddy is good


Guna 369 is all about Kartikeya solo performance and the content oriented mass masala entertainer. The onscreen chemistry between lead pair has good visuals in the first half and the scenes between Kartikeya and Mahesh are well pictured.

However, the director has made an attempt in delivering his screen writing with good message in the end. Though the film starts of with predictable note, the film gets into grip with pre-interval block. Kartikeya's performance in latter half is good and emotional.

On the whole, Guna 369 is one time watchable with an average content.

RATING – 3/5

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