Anni Gurtuntai Evvarni Vadalanu - Rama Chakkani Seetha Director Sriharsha Manda

Sriharsha Manda, the director and producer of Rama Chakkani Seetha film has expressed his feeling on how he faced situations to release his film while in censor. But, Sriharsha Manda on a happier note has finally made his way for all the grand release of Rama Chakkani Seetha slated on September 27th.

Sriharsha Manda is very confident about the film's result and reminds that Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi has released on the same day in couple of years back facing some tough situations before its release. Now, Rama Chakkani Seetha has cleared its censor formalities recently and has been awarded with U/A Certificate. "Ee certificate chetiki ravadaniki oka mini  yudhame jarigindi, anni gurtuntai naaku, evarni vadalanu..." says Sriharsha Manda.

Indhra, Sukrutha Wagle are seen in lead roles while Priyadarshi is seen in supporting role.The other supporting cast in the film is Kashi Viswanath, Abhay, Bullet Bhaskar, Jabardasth Apparao, Madhumani, Rahul Sipligunj and Laxman.

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