Draupathi Director Mohan fires on Karuppar Kootam Youtube Channel

A few days ago, a YouTube channel called Karuppar Kootam spoke about the Hindu god Murugan and especially the Kanda Sashti armor in a hateful manner.

They distorted the meaning of some of the lines in the hymn, saying that the Kanda Sashti shield was obscenely meant to sing the praises of Lord Murugan. This has been denied by many, including women who preach spirituality.

Also, Prasanna in the cast has spoken out in response to this issue. At the time, he was of the opinion that religious freedom should be preserved.

In this case, the director Mohan of this year's mega hit film Draupathi has posted a comment. "Nothing is going to change if the black crowd complains or is arrested. The film industry will be rescued from them. People in the film industry must understand and ignore their subtle anti-God, anti-caste, anti-religious politics. This is important," he wrote on Twitter.

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