Raveen Tandon Completes 30 years in the Film Industry

Valentine Special

“Love is all about giving and is Unconditional,” says RaveenTandon in The Lifestyle Journalist Cover Interview 

From ‘PhattarKePhool’ in 1991 to ‘KGF: Chapter2’ in 2021, RaveenTandon Completes 30 years in the Films Industry

She has been associated with a series of philanthropic activities and has expanded her horizon beyond acting in last three decades. RaveenaTandon, the superstar who continues to rein the industry, talks about her concept of love, life and her social activities in the cover interview of The Lifestyle Journalist Magazine. Raveena has her own NGO Rudra Foundation through which she carries out projects close to her heart. “I have always been associated with various organizations like UNICEF, Cry, White Ribbon Alliance for safe motherhood, Spina Bifida Association and the Smile Foundation. In 2001, I had single-handedly housed 30 orphan girls in my bungalow, with the sisters of a trust, as they had been turned out by their landlord. I have always believed in supporting organisations which are associated with the Girl Child and Women Empowerment. I strongly believe that give a girl wings and watch her fly and soar up the sky,” says Raveena in the Cover Interview to the Magazine.

On her love concept, she explains how one day is not enough to express love to your loved one. “I don’t believe in showing love only for the sake of showing it to the world,” she adds in the interview. She and her husband- film distributor Anil Thadani, share depth in the relationship and understand each other’s feelings by just a glance. Sharing a romantic incident, she recalls how Anil had once arranged a poolside dinner for her on February 14th, with a violinist and a guitarist playing music! “What Anil and I share is special,” she shared in the interview. 

“Raveen has had a non-controversial and a brilliant career. She and others in her league have been the greatest female superstars in their own might. We are thrilled to have her on the cover and really appreciate her candid interview to our magazine,” adds AnkurVadhera, Founder & Creative Director, The Lifestyle Journalist Magazine. 

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