Rohan Gandotra donates undisclosed punt for the defence forces

Rohan Gandotra starrer 1962: The war in the hills is out where he is playing an Indian soldier in the 1962 Indo-China war. He has now pledged to support the Indian soldiers by donating an undisclosed amount in the Bharat ke veer app. And he has also appealed to everyone to donate in their capacities. Rohan is extremely moved by the soldiers and their sacrifices and he certainly feels that the least that we could do for them is make life a little easier if at all.

We spoke to Rohan on this one and here is what he has to say, "It's the least bit that I could do. Sharing this information that I have donated has only one purpose and that is if it can motivate others to come up and do the same according to their capacities. I can tell one thing for the soldiers that we don't know them all but we owe them all. We are sleeping safely and doing what we want to because someone out there is standing between us and the enemies. Let's all come together and show that we love them dearly and let's do our small bit in whatever ways we can."

Rohan has got this on the point that the intention of sharing is motivating others and we also request everyone to go and their bit as we would.

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