Where There Is Music, There Is Love

"Where There Is Music, There Is Love"

And what can be a better way to express that love than earning your own instrument? Yes, that's true! Since I've always been inspired by my father in terms of music and who I am, I would like to give a little backstory about this Harmonium that you see. 

My dad from the beginning has always portrayed actions more than words, and this story covers that quote well. While buying this Beautiful piece, my dad knew it was around 500, which during those days was actually a big thing! My dad was short of money and had some 300rs. He let his action speak louder than his words and he requested Uncle D.S. Ramsingh that he would like to play the harmonium since he had a heart for it. He immediately started playing and the moment he did, Uncle D.S. Ramsingh was mesmerised in what dad was playing and he then agreed to give the Harmonium in 300rs! 

Unbelievable right? Yesss. That's what my dad did and I'm so proud to say that to this day, this Harmonium is 50years old! What a great memory to cherish all my life and be so inspired by my own father and so grateful for him to be passing on that legacy of loving and living music.

On the work front, Keerthi is known for his songs from movies like Delhi Belly, Raanjhanaa, Special 26, Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran. He has also given his voice for television show Satyamev Jayate theme song. His recently released music video of ‘Valam Kis Des Gayo’ is available on all streaming platforms.

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