Vandana Gautam's emergency meeting is the talk of the town

Actress turned Politician Vandana Gautam, the national general secretary and national spokesperson of the United Vikas Party, has successfully completed her emergency meeting. 

The meeting was held at Sophan Heights Hotel located in Karolbagh, Delhi was lasted from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm. Vandana Gautam ji has welcomed the newly appointed members to know more about meeting essential points. 

GD Gautam (National Counselor of SNVP) motivated everyone with his motivational speech. The outline of this meeting was made in such a way which is as follows:- 

1.Welcome of state presidents men / women 

2. Any newly appointed members of the party who are in attendance are welcome.

3.MR. DJ. A grand welcome and speech to Gautam (Chief Guest).

4. Everyone was introduced at the door of Vandana Gautam ji.

5. Everyone's problem was heard by Vandana Gautam ji!

6. Delhi President (Raj Bala) went away in the middle of the meeting after taking permission from work from Vandana Gautam ji! 

7: Organizing food and drinks! 

8: Pradeep Saxena's speech 

9: Vandana Gautam ji asked questions from everyone Assured everyone by answering it! 

Vandana Gautam ji gave a speech in which the main point is:

1. How many types of elections are there?
2. What activities are necessary to win the election!
3. Appointments Required!
4: What should be the goals of a good leader!
5: What should be the uniform of an ideal leader!
6: How should an ideal leader give a speech among the    countrymen!
7: How to campaign for election!
8: What can be the role of media in election campaign!
9: The identity of the ideal leader is not to make any distinction between the rich and the poor!
10: Instructions to all the politicians present to prepare for the elections as soon as possible!
11: 5:30 End of meeting!

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