Nayannahmukey was sighted at Mumbai airport after a while

NayannahMukey is a Marathi and Bollywood actress. she was clicked to the airport on 8th April, on her way to Jaipur. 

NayannahMukey is a familiar name, everyone is always eager to know what her next project will be. She was spotted in a chic and cool avatar. Many of her airport photographs and videos surfaced online. Nayannah made the entire air of the airport vibrant by wearing a blue jumpsuit with a blue jacket. She was wearing a pair of sunglasses. Nayannahmukey airport look needs to be added to your try list because of the colour and how it is beautifully worn out there.

In a video shared via the paparazzi's Instagram account, NayannahMukey after talking to the paparazzi about her new venture and why she was going to Jaipur directed towards the airport entrance.
From a source, we learned that she was travelling to Jaipur for a brand shoot for which her team was working hard for many days and finally it's happening and when asked about her new music video, she told paparazzi that it's a surprise and We shall find out soon enough. 

You want to know what surprise NayannahMukey was talking about, be on the lookout for her Instagram, as it's coming soon.

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