Naveen and Sabeena crowned as Champions of 31st National Tenpin Bowling Championships

Telangana player Naveen Siddam thrills fans with his vigorous spirit in the finals

National, 12th Sept, 2022: Naveen Siddam of Telangana& Sabeena Athica of TamilNadu won National Titles at the ARC31st National Tenpin Bowling Championships, which concluded today at Amoeba, Church Street, Bangalore. 

In Men’s category, fourth seeded Naveen Siddam of Telangana won his maiden Title defeating defending champion Akaash Ashok Kumar of Karnataka (483 - 457) by 26 pins. 

In the Women’s category 2nd seeded Sabeena Athica of TamilNadu won her 12thNational Title defeating Judy Alban of Karnataka (273 - 261) by 12 pins. 

Earlier in the day, in the stepladder round, played based on cumulative pin fall of two games, in Match 1 of Men’s category, 4thplaced Naveen Siddam (TEL) defeated 3rdplaced Parvez Ahmed (KAR) (416 - 361) by 55 pins. And in Match 2, he went on to defeat Shabbir Dhankot (TN) (373 – 350) by 23 pins. 

In Match 1 of the stepladder round of Women’s category 4thplaced Anuradha Sarda of Delhi defeated3rdplaced Preemal J (KAR)(342 – 264) by 78 pins. In Match 2 of stepladder round 2nd seeded Sabeena Athica of Tamilnadu defeated Anuradha Sarda (363 – 335) by 28 pins and moved to Championship match. 

In Men’s category after 32 games, after Round 3, Akaash Ashok Kumar (KAR) finished at top of the table (6645 pin fall and 207.66 average) followed by Shabbir Dhankot (TN) (6562 pin fall and average of 205.06). Naveen Siddam (TEL) (6239 pin fall and average of 194.97) and Parvez Ahmed (KAR) (6158 pin fall and average of 192.44) finished at 3rd and 4 th positions, respectively.

In Women’s category Judy Alban (KAR) finished at the top spot (3375 pins at 168.75 average) after 20 games after Round 2, followed by Defending Champion Sabeena Athica (3240 pinfall & 162 average).Preemal J of Karnataka (3207 pin fall and 160.35 average) and Anuradha Sarda of Delhi (3123 pin fall & 156.15 average) finished at 2ndand 3rd positions, respectively. 

Special Prizes: 

Most promising player: Aniket Vaghela of Gujarat 

Maximum number of scores above 225 (Men’s category):Shabbir Dhankot (TN) - 8

Maximum number of scores above 200 (Women’s category):Suchetana Mohanta (WB) – 2

Highest Block of 6 Games (Men’s category):Akaash Ashok Kumar (KAR) - 1315

Highest Block of 6 Games (Women’s category):Judy Alban (KAR) - 1050

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