Kavya limaye bonds with her idol Neha Kakkar on set

If there is one performer in Indian idol season 13 who has had the most consistent run and has been loved by everyone alike it's kavya. Not that she intends to but she is someone who is built like that. She leaves nothing to chance and she is always well prepared. She has had a training of singing from a very young age and her preparation is second to none. For her talent is not everything and she takes discipline very seriously. She adores Neha and it's been a dream for her to be performing in front of her. Well that has been realised and how. It's a platform where talent comes together and we love the way how kavya and Neha bond and she had spoken to us before going to the show. 

Here is what she had said, "I am super excited to be able to perform in front of Neha mam. She is a huge inspiration. Her story is magical and she had made it huge. I love her Instagram and the kind of stories she shares. I can't wait to perform for her. She is a ball of love. She is a huge figure and it is not just in the singing scenario. I have sleepless nights thinking about it and sometimes I wake up and start smiling that it's going to Happen. It's ahuge dream and it would be a huge tick on the checklist."

That dream has come true and how. She has truly ruled the roost and she is going super strong. This girl kavya knows no stopping and she truly is living her dream. We adore you girl and we are all awaiting for you to shine even brighter

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