Kavya Limaye lends her voice to an ad for Kalyan Jewellers

She is ruling the roost and how. She is in the show and the show hasn't even reached its mid days and this girl has already recorded a song with her mother with the inimitable Himesh Reshammiya after her performance on dilbaro and now she has even lended her voice to an ad for Kalyan jewellers. This girl is here to stay and we are in no doubts. Her performances has garnered huge amount of love across all age groups and she has lighted up the stage of Indian idol 13. 

She performed on Kay Sera Sera along with Kavita Krishnamurthy ji and it was a sight to behold. Kavya knows no boundaries now. She is giving it her absolute best. 

We had spoken to her before she went in the house and here is what she has said, "It will be an absolute honor to sing in front of the estemeed judges and the ones that would come. I am getting Butterflies in my stomach thinking about it. It's going to be one hell of an experience."

Her words have truly come live and she wouldn't have imagined recording a song before the show ends and already working with brands. This girl is here to stay and the next few weeks are going to be a testament to the fact that she is here for the long run.

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