Actress Nikita Rawal Shares a Message for the Citizens of India on Republic Day

Amongst all the preparations for the 26th, we as adults remember those lovely days when we would be super excited for the festivities that Republic Day brought with it.There is no denying that as Indians, we love two days more than any festival. We dress up in tricolour clothes and wave the flag of India, proudly on Independence day as well as Republic Day. We sing our favorite patriotic songs and remember ceremoniously those who lay down their lives to give us this freedom that we live in. Actress Nikita Rawal delves deepers into her memories of celebrating the day in school and what it means to her now.

"Republic Day used to be a great day in school, and I also remember attending flag hoisting in my building with all our neighbours. After that, all my building friends would sing the same timeless patriotic songs. This day made us all feel at one in pur hearts as Vande Mataram... resonated through the air. "

Sharing a message for all she says,"Also, I hope that we can be kind towards each other this Republic Day and take care of the country. I feel a nation is what it is because of it's citizens."

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