Here's How Actress Aneri Vajani Is getting into celebratory mode on Republic Day

There is no denying that as Indians, we love two days more than any festival. We dress up in tricolour clothes and wave the flag of India, proudly on Independence day as well as Republic Day. We sing our favorite patriotic songs and remember ceremoniously those who lay down their lives to give us this freedom that we live in. Actress Aneri Vajani says she loves the day and has since childhood. 

She shares, “As a child, the day signified all things pure and pristine. It was about wearing white kurtas teamed with tricolour dupattas. We would be so excited to get ready for school. I was a part of the choir group and we sang lots of patriotic songs. Besides invoking and reinstating the importance of freedom and the nation turning a republic, it also helped me to get rid of my stage fright. The day would begin with watching the parade on TV followed by a patriotic film with my family. The values and the importance of the freedom we earned after so many sacrifices still stays with us. I join in  singing patriotic songs on the day and believe that the tradition must go on.”

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