Rashami Desai Opens Up on how she used to celebrate Republic Day as a child and how she does now!

India will celebrate its 74th Republic Day on Saturday, that is January 26. Each year on January 26, the Indian Republic celebrates Republic Day with great fervour and zeal. Every January 26 in New Delhi, the President's Bodyguard, a 200-strong cavalry unit -- draped in fine red coats, golden sashes and resplendent turbans -- escort the president to the stage at the Republic Day parade and give the order for the national anthem to begin. Attended by world leaders and beamed across the nation of 1.25 billion, the Republic Day parade in New Delhi showcases India's military might and is the premier state event of the year. 

Actress Rashami Desai talks about how she remembers celebrating Republic Day in school and how she does now. "I can never forget our school days Republic Day celebration. It was a great thing. People from different faiths would come together and celebrate the day. The morning assembly was special as our principal and teachers would talk about the importance of the day. After the flag was hoisted, followed by cultural activities and sweets would be distributed in school. 

"Unfortunately, today most people look at it as just another public holiday where they try to catch up on sleep. Nevertheless, I attend a flag hoisting ceremony every year, be it in the area or some event. I make sure to adorn bright clothes, preferably in the tricolour and I also urge others to celebrate the spirit of the day in a patriotic way."

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