Shama Sikander Recalls Watching the parade on TV every year on Republic Day

January 26 is celebrated as a national holiday in India and the annual parade held on the special day in New Delhi is perhaps one of the most coveted and watched event of the year and as such, holds a lot of attraction for citizens. The parade starts from Kartavya Path and ends at the India Gate. The President of India unfurls the flag at Kartavya Path on this day. Shama Sikander says she loved watching the parade on TV and never missed a year. 

"We loved watching the Republic Day Parade, and we used to all gather around the TV with snacks and drinks and it was a grand thing. I remember waking up with the excitement of hoisting the flag, wearing white and then watching the parade. I don't think we ever missed a year." I love watching Indian patriotic movies especially on National days, they give a different feeling, that of pride and unity. My all time favourite movie is "Lagaan". The actress proclaims.

The national holiday is observed in the country to commemorate the enactment of the Indian Constitition and also to mark the establishment of democracy in India. 

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