Osho Nanak Dham Mandir Organizes Dhyan Yoga Program at Kanha Shanti Vanam

Dhyan Yoga (Meditative Living) is a preparatory program for Right Mindfulness that starts from 20th February to 25th of February.

Dhyan Yoga is a 6-day program that consists of Anand Pragya/Blissful Living and Yoga Pragya/Divine Living.

Hyderabad, 13th February 2023: Osho Nanak Dham Mandir, Murthal (ONDM), is a spiritual scientific organization that is on a mission to reveal the spiritual and scientific base of Sanatan Dharma for happiness and bliss through various programs. ONDM will be conducting Dhyan Yoga (Meditative Living), a preparatory program for Right Mindfulness, starting from
Monday, 20th February, to Saturday, 25th February.

Dhyan Yoga is a 6-day program that consists of two parts, i.e., Anand Pragya or Blissful Living, and Yoga Pragya or Divine Living. Each program is for three days. Anand Pragya, or Blissful Living, is based on the Eightfold path of Lord Buddha and solves most of the problems related to stress, relationship, and boredom. Yoga Pragya, or Divine Living, teaches various courses of Yoga. The participants listen and experience the Divine Sound (Omkar) and learn techniques of Samadhi and Divine Remembrance.

The Dhyan Yoga program will be guided by the master 'Samarthguru Siddarth Aulia.'

Oshodhara is the only spiritual stream that has gifted the world - 'Spiritual Science.' by converting Spirituality into Science - which is unprecedented! It provides a practical roadmap of spirituality - its programs are designed in such a way that one can pragmatically experience specific spiritual milestones and level-wise moves ahead on the spiritual path under the proper guidance of the Master.

About Oshodhara Nanak Dham:
Oshodhara is the only 'live' spiritual stream of Osho, the greatest spiritual Master of the 20th century, also known as the Master of Masters. The word 'live' here refers to the Master-Disciple (Guru Shishya) tradition wherein a disciple walks on the Spiritual path under the guidance of a Master who is alive and present in his physical body. This Master Disciple tradition is at the heart of Oshodhara. This Existential, 'Live' Mystery School named Oshodhara has been formed by Enlightened Master Samarthguru Siddharth Aulia, who can be best described as a 'Spiritual Scientist.' Oshodhara is the synthesis of the Spiritual best in the world as it is a result of the combination of the best practices chosen from the Spiritual diversity that the world, and India in particular, has to offer. It's a beautiful confluence of Gyan Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Karm Yoga. The combination of all three is known as 'Sahaj Yoga,' and this Sahaj Yoga, the easiest and best spiritual path of all, is the foundation of spiritual practice at Oshodhara.

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