Richa Sinha Becomes the Perfect Muse

A great artist is made through his beautiful muses and inspiration. For a great shoot, the model is just as responsible as the photographer, and what better than putting together one of the best photographers and the most beautiful model! Seeing Richa Sinha's latest shoot done wonderfully by reknowned photographer Farrokh Chothia we are blown away by just how perfect she looks in them.

In a simple body con dress, of a light beige shade, Richa looks exceptionally pretty. With a grace that exceeds beyond all, her feminine beauty is brought out amazingly in the snaps. Even without an extraordinary background or remarkable clothes , she looks pure blissful art, and that's the true essence of beauty!

In the next black dress, her teasing demeanor grabs a hold of our attention. She kills with her expressions and her balck rimmed deep eyes and it's safe to say that Richa has managed to grasp the girl next door look with a nice scintillating touch to it.

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