I'd love to play a twister character like Joe Goldberg in YOU," says actor Chintan Rachchh

Chintan Rachchh who is known as Faruq from the series Class is excited about the season 2 announcement. Season 1 of Class left the audiences at quite a cliff hanger, while the killer is revealed, will he be nabbed remains the question. Faruq’s character is slated to take off to Sharjah, will he stick around for his love interest Dhruv or be missing from action? Season 2 has plenty of questions to answer.

In the meanwhile, speaking with the press, the young & talented actor expressed his desire to play a grey character, "I love how challenging it would be to play a twisted character like a Joe Goldberg in YOU. I get an adrenaline rush just to think about the mind games and the preparation that would be needed to convincingly play Joe. I am really putting it out in the Universe hoping that an Indian adaptation is made and I get to play Joe in it, I mean once can always dream," says Chintan Rachchh.

Talking about his working relationship with the Director, Chintan said, "Firstly, I very fondly call him Awesome Ahluwalia and not Ashim. This man is not just the reason behind me being on the show but also the reason behind this version of me that I am today. I had my big epiphany when we were shooting for a scene in Chandni Chowk, it was probably the 5th take, I wasn’t exactly getting the vibe of the scene and was probably overthinking. That's when Ashim said, and if I may quote him, ‘Bachpan me topper tha kya?’ and I went like – Yes! How do you know? Then he went on saying, ‘haan now it makes sense. Chintan, don’t ace this scene, just do it the way you want to do it.’ and I ended up taking that advice for everything in my life, from that day forth."

Chintan Rachchh has made quite a presence in the theatre circuit for a long while and actively pursued modelling as well. He writes and recites poetry and does a lot of open mic gigs as a hobby. Class has given the actor a wide visibility, he is currently reading scripts and auditioning for future projects.

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