Preeti Jhangiani and Parvin Dabas create History yet again at The Sood Classic and World Strongman Games adding to their never-ending list of successful stories of Pro Panja League

Preeti Jhangiani and Parvin Dabas recently took the Pro Panja League to Chandigarh university to be a part of the Sood Classic and World Strongman Games. The Pro Panja league Mega Matches there, received a massive response and created mass hysteria ! Giving tips and advice to the players, the two motivated them and moved the participants as well.

The matches gave rise to a frenzy of excited players and memorable experiences among the competitors. The matches saw a presentation of the star players, Harman Mann from Punjab vs. Mohinder Singh all the way from Canada and Karaj Virk from Haryana vs Sanjay Deswal from Delhi and it was immensely successful.

Relaying their experience at the Chandigarh university, Preeti says, "The energy in the air at Chandigarh was out of the world! We have been to so many cities but I have never seen such enthusiasm and excitement. It was a great event and an experience of a lifetime!"

Parvin Dabas, and Preeti Jhangiani have done an extraordinary job at taking their arm wrestling foundation Pro Panja League to amazing heights. PPL has succeeded in bringing a whole new wave to the progress of arm wrestling in the country. They have emerged as the voice of the players of ArmWrestling and look into providing the best platforms and facilities to them. 

Parvin talks about what inspired them to start PPL, "Panja Sports was founded as an arm of our company, a part of our dream project called ‘The Pro Panja League’. We saw world-class potential in the Indian athletes and felt that if given the right platform, our country could rule the world in this sport. Additionally, panja [arm wrestling] had an intrinsically Indian fanbase as well as the scope to grow as a popular sport in the nation. We had to take the plunge!”

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