Students from 40 School Constituencies visit the Secretariat of Telangana

Hyderabad, 11th May 2023 - The election officers of 40 school constituencies (schools) visited the Secretariat of Telangana as part of the under 18 elections conducted by WhatIsMyGoal. In April, the IT Minister of Telangana, Sri KT Rama Rao garu launched the under 18 elections and 200 students from 51 schools visited the Legislative Assembly of Telangana. This initiative aims to help students understand the political process and take an active interest in shaping the future of their country. The visit to the Secretariat was facilitated by the WE Hub foundation, Government of Telangana.

The Principal Secretary of Telangana, Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, has been a big supporter in the journey of WhatIsMyGoal in the Under 18 elections. Earlier this year, on the 18th of April, he addressed the students through a video, emphasising the significance of taking an interest in policy-making. His words inspired many students to actively participate in WhatIsMyGoal's initiative in the creation of the new Under 18 world.

Students from top schools, such as Silver Oaks International, Birla Open Minds International, The Gaudium, Glendale Academy, Pallavi Model, DPS, and many others, were thrilled to have the opportunity to visit the Secretariat of Telangana and learn about the inner workings of the government.

Ms Deepthi Ravula, CEO of WE Hub, addressed the students and shared insights into the startup ecosystem in Telangana and the role of women in policymaking. She also supported the under-18 elections initiated by WhatIsMyGoal and motivated students to make this a movement across the state of Telangana.

The Chief Election Commissioner of the Under-18 elections, Ms Chitralee Sarma, spoke about the importance of the students' engagement in governance and identifying their voice in the under-18 world. She reiterated the famous words of The King: "The Future is ours, the present is also ours." Ms. Chitralee Sarma, along with the Election Officers of the constituencies, pledged to conduct the under-18 elections fairly and smoothly.

Speaking about the Under 18 World, Lehya Reddy Mukku, a member of the Whatismygoal team from Silveroaks International School, said, “The under 18 world has the power to engage in the transformative act of civic responsibility.”

"We represent the Under 18 world, we are empowered to build strength for an amazing future with our little young minds, through interact and emerge as a powerful community in front of others" said J. Evan Nikhil from Birla Open Minds International School.

Srinidhi Marimganti, another member of the Whatismygoal team from Silveroaks International School, said, “By indulging in Under 18 elections, we are witnessing the emergence of future leaders, decision-makers, and change- makers who are actively shaping the destiny of our nation.”

About WhatIsMyGoal:

WhatIsMyGoal is a startup that provides students with hands-on experience in careers through interactions, activities, and visits. The company has built a community of 160 schools in Hyderabad and has impacted thousands of students through its programs and camps.

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