These Stills From Jogira Sara Ra Reveal shocking transformation of Actor Mimoh Chakraborty

Actors have to undergo many changes to fit in their characters and bring authenticity to the roles that they play. Some roles ask for mental twitches while others demand a more challenging physical transformation. Mimoh Chakraborty's latest look from his movie Jogira Sara Ra is just as shocking! The actor had to take on a weight gain of 10 kgs and that made him look totally different than his usual self! But nonetheless, the 'Haunted' actor did his part perfectly and smoothly.

What is even more unbelievable is the way the actor went back to his orginal physique after the shoot had been finished and now looks as handsome as he did before! This determination and hardwork is surely commendable and is hardly seen in actors nowadays. People are hardly believing the incredible transformation taken by Mimoh and now we can't wait for the entire movie to release to see more of the actor. 

He talks about his pre-shoot preparations, "Jogira Sara Ra is actually close to my heart as I've poured a lot of effort into looking the wah I have in the film. I am quite excited for everyone to see me in my role in film as I had to physically transform myself for this film. It will see me in a completely new and unique avatar for which I have had to work on my body language as well. My character is extremely different from whatever I have done in the past and that's what made it all the more exciting."

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