'MFA Records will give a 360-degree boost to the artist ', Anurag Sinha

Anurag Sinha, the visionary behind MFA Records who has come up with their first song 'Neem Neem' said that the main motive of MFA Records is to give a 360-degree boost to the artist.

Anurag Sinha who is an accomplished singer with a track record spanning several years has started MFA records with a mission to redefine the music industry. Their first song 'Neem Neem' was launched in Mumbai on Friday where he spoke about the song and his mission of bringing MFA Records to the market.

Talking about the motive of MFA Records, he said, "The aim of MFA Records is not just to put the song across. Our main aim is to develop the artist with a 360-degree approach which means we will be there with you from the audio to the video of the song. We will bring suggestions from the professionals for you. We will develop the product with take-by-take and then eventually bring it to the market. This will definitely be a motivational factor for the artist.

He added saying, "Our aim is to give a 360 degree boost to the artist."

When asked why he did not sing the first song under the label, he said, "If one person will do everything, what will the others do? Moreover, I am a big fan of Yasser Bhai. When Shivram ji had just presented the song, with only the feel of the song I decided that this song would be sung by Yaseer Desai. If I would have sung the song, the song would not have gotten this much boost. "

'Neem Neem' featuring Jatin Suri and Manmeet Kaur is sung by Yasser Desai. It was composed by Shivram Parmar and was produced by Anurag Sinha under the MFA Records.

Watch the Neem Neem Song below

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