OdinSchool Launches a New Bootcamp on Performance Marketing!

Hyderabad, 28th September, 2023: OdinSchool, a leading upskilling platform, launches Performance Marketing Bootcamp, a two-month rigorous and immersive learning experience to help working professionals, business owners, and digital marketers leverage various digital platforms to up their game in their own lines of work. OdinSchool’s comprehensive bootcamp is designed to provide learners with an immersive learning experience.

Performance marketing is a data-driven digital marketing strategy focused on measurable results and ROI (Return on Investment). It encompasses various online advertising channels to drive specific actions. Through this bootcamp, individuals can find the most effective ways to reach their target audience, track campaign effectiveness, and grow their customers.

The bootcamp includes live weekend sessions where learners interact directly with instructors, enabling real-time engagement. Through weekly assignments and projects, they can apply their newfound knowledge in practical scenarios. Access to Odinschool’s Learning Management System (LMS) allows them to conveniently revisit course content and recordings. Regular assessments and weekly doubt clarification sessions smoothen the learner's learning journey. Moreover, their career accelerator sessions will empower them with valuable insights, and their dedicated support team is always ready to assist learners throughout this transformative learning adventure.

Deepak Kumar, Deputy General Manager at Apollo Hospitals, who is going to teach this course at OdinSchool, said, “I've spent over six years navigating the intricacies of marketing, and now, I'm eager to share my experiences with all the learners. My passion lies in helping individuals become industry-ready and my goal is to make the world of performance marketing easy to learn, accessible and exciting. Together, we'll explore the strategies and skills that learners need to excel in this ever-evolving field”.

The demand for performance marketing is increasing day by day because, according to the eMarketer and Statista report, the average ROI for Search Engine Marketing is around 200%, and over 50% of e-commerce website traffic comes from paid search and social media advertising. 

“After the success of Data Science and Web Development Bootcamps, we at OdinSchool are happy to launch a comprehensive 2-month Performance Marketing Bootcamp for individuals who want to equip themselves with skills and knowledge in the performance marketing domain. At OdinSchool, our mission has always been to prepare our learners to be job-ready by providing the most in-demand skills. This bootcamp is a cost-effective and results-driven approach to marketing that allows our learners to get started in this growing domain. The release of this course makes us more committed to upskilling”, said Vijay Pasupulati, CEO of OdinSchool.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, embarking on a digital marketing course is not just an option; it's a strategic imperative. Digital marketing is essential in offering unparalleled opportunities for growth and impact. This is a gateway for aspiring marketers, entrepreneurs as well as professionals experienced in conventional marketing methods to understand and harness the unending potential of marketing in the digital domain.  

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