Sodara Sodarimanulara Movie Review

Release Date- 15th September 2023

Starring:  Kamal Kamaraju, Aparna Devi, Kalakeya Prabhakar,Prithviraj and others

Directed by : Written & Directed By Raghupathi Reddy Gunda
Produced by : Vijay Kumar Paindla
Cinematography : Mohan Chary
Background Music : Vardhan
Editor : Pavan Shekhar Pasupuleti
PRO : BA Raju's Team
Publicity Designer : Viva Reddy
Production House Banner: 9Em Entertainments, iR Movies

Sodara Sodarimanulara Movie has released today and grabbed attention with decent talk from the audience. The film features Kamal Kamaraju, Aparna Devi, Kalakeya Prabhakar and Prithviraj in key roles. 


Raju (Kamal Kamaraju) is the middle class family man who leads a struggling life as a Cab Driver. Sravani (Aparna Devi) is Raju's wife who takes care of the family. Raju is fond of her daughter and wants to spend a quality time with her whenever he has. One Day Raju on the duty drops a female passenger at her location and sets a deal to drop another Passenger named Sunny from the same location to drop him at a Resort. 

All of a sudden Raju is falsely accused of a major crime by CI (Kalakeya Prabhakar), and is forced to prove his innocence to both, a brutal police force and a divided society for dropping an unknown passenger and drunken girl from a Resort at mid night time. 

Raju's innocence will close all the doors due to the Minister's (Prithviraj) Political Influence. How Raju comes out of this case? Does he really attempted any crime is rest of the story to watch it on the big screens.


Kamal Kamaraju did his best in the role of a Cab Driver and delivers an emotional performance.

Aparna Devi as Sravani justifies her role with impressive acting skills.

Kalakeya Prabhakar  looks terrific as a bad cop with a good twist at the end of the film.

Veteran Actor Prithviraj is okay.

Technical Analysis:

Writer and director Raghupathi Reddy Gunda impresses with his work, delivering this crime drama with a neat and clean screenwriting. The runtime of the film is major plus point which has the engaging narration.

Vardhan's background score is decent. Editing by Pavan Shekhar Pasupuleti is crispy.

9Em Entertainments, iR Movies production values is decent.

Cinematography by Mohan Chary could have been better.


On the whole, Sodara Sodarimanulara film is all about the current crimes in the society. The director has selected the sensitive topic and narrated a crime thriller in a short and crispy way with no boring moments throughtout the film. This film has outstanding performances by Kamal Kamaraju and Prabhakar. The first half of the film starts with a racy direction and the later half will unfolds the film's end point. Climax would have been better. Rating : 3/5