Star-Studded Gala Marks World Digital Detox Day and Celebrity Icon Awards at Mumbai's Gateway of India

Mumbai’s iconic Gateway of India shone brightly on December 5th as it played host to the star-studded celebration of the World Digital Detox Day and the prestigious Celebrity Icon Awards. Championing the cause of a balanced relationship with technology, the event gathered distinguished figures such as Anita Kelly Consultant General Ireland, Social Activist Manju Lodha, Social Activist Seema Singh and Global Wellness Ambasdor Rekha Chaudhari who all fervently emphasized the imperative need for a mindful disconnect to truly reconnect.

Amidst the glitz and glamour, notable personalities from the entertainment industry graced the occasion, adding an extra sparkle to the evening. Actors like Shalin Bhanot, Anupam Kher, Manjot Singh, Ashnoor Kaur, Utkarsh Sharma, Sneha Wagh, Srijita De, Pavitra Punia, and many others lent their support to advocate for a healthier tech-life balance. Their presence further amplified the significance of the Awards Ceremony, which honored those who have been instrumental in shaping the landscape of digital detox, underscoring the pivotal role each individual plays in fostering a more mindful approach to technology.

Wellness celebrity Rekha Chaudhari, a strong advocate for holistic well-being, resonated the event's core message: the importance of striking a harmonious balance between our digital engagements and real-world connections. Tailored experiences and insightful discussions underscored the day, reminding attendees of the necessity to detach momentarily from the digital realm to forge deeper, more meaningful connections in our lives. The star-studded affair not only celebrated achievements but also served as a rallying call to prioritize a more conscious and balanced relationship with technology in our rapidly evolving world.

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