Actor Anshuman Jha and wife Sierra are pregnant - expecting a baby in March 2024

Anshuman Jha who was earlier this year seen in the animal lover vigilante action film "Lakadbaggha-1" & has begun training for Part-2 of the franchise has an exciting 2024 to look forward to. 

While he has his acting career's most ambitious film as a leading man in 'Hari-Om' - with Raghuvir Yadav - scheduled for release in 2024, also his directorial debut 'Lord Curzon Ki Haveli' also scheduled for release in 2024 - he will truly have his life's biggest release in 2024 with Anshuman & his athelete-writer-chef wife Sierra expecting their first baby in March 2024. 

Much like their wedding, they threw a very private baby shower with their close friends before jetting off to New York for Christmas & New Year.

The baby will be born in America as Sierra 's mother is there. Anshuman lost his mother & father in 2020 & stresses on the importance of having grandparents around in childhood. 

Anshuman Jha says, "Having your mom around is critical at this time - for the mother and the child. I wish my mom was around. And Sierra is blessed to have her mom and dad by her side."

Anshuman further adds, "While it is legal in America to know whether it's a boy or a girl - the couple have intentionally chosen to not find out. We want to be surprised. Let nature take its course. The child is not coming from us, it is only coming through us & we will be grateful for whatever God blesses us with. We are very grateful. It felt the closest to the feeling of seeing God - when you see a dot on screen in the first sonography - I felt like that's it - I see God, the soul, life in essence."

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