Before Marriage Movie Review

Movie Name : Before Marriage
Star Casts : Naveena Reddy, Naga Mahesh, Sunitha Manohar, B.Supriya Bharath Bandaru and others
Banner : Hanuma Creations
Director : Sreedhar Reddy
Music : Peddapalli Rohith (P.R.)

Before Marriage being the youthful entertainer created a buzz in film circle and released today in theatres. This film has Actress Naveena Reddy as the female lead and directed by Sreedhar Reddy. Yeddula Jagadeswara Reddy has produced this film under Hanuma Creations banner with Peddapalli Rohith(P.R) as the music composer. The film has Naveena Reddy, Naga Mahesh, Sunitha Manohar, B.Supriya Bharath Bandaru and others in key roles.

Before Marriage Story

Dharani (Naveena Reddy) is a straight forward girl and has a fond love bonding with her father Srinivasa Rao (Naga Mahesh). Dharani shifts to Hyderabad to complete her studies and lives in a room with her roomates Shanti (Hima Sailaja) and Prashanthi (Supriya). Dharani who is habituated to city's life gets pregnant in an unknown situation. 

Pity with her situation her friends tries to help Dharani to get aborted. Due to unseen circumstances Dharani faces the heat of the Pregnancy and moves forward to conceive. 

Who is the reason for her pregnancy? How did Dharani manage situations and did Srinivasa Rao know that Dharani is pregnant is rest of the story. 


Naveena Reddy is show stealer and gave her best throughout the film. Her emotional chemistry scenes with her father is an asset.Her expressions and timing is very good and proves her versatility.

Naga Mahesh grabs a good role as Naveena Reddy's father and justified his role.

Youtuber Lakshman gets into funny love proposal role and gives few laughs.

Bharath Bandaru role is limited and has a twist in the end.

Before Marriage is a decent watch and the director Sreedhar Reddy tries to engage audience by narrating the story without any diversions.

Production Values by Hanuma Creations is Good.

Peddapalli Rohith (P.R) gave decent background score.

Rajasekar Reddy visuals is crispy and the editing by Aloshious Xavier could have been better.


Overall, Before Marriage film is good in parts. The first half of the film deals with youthful life of the characters and the director has etched well by narrating the story in decent way. 

The second half of the film starts off with a heavy emotional drama between father and daughter bonding. Both Naveena Reddy and Naga Mahesh gave thier career best performances through out the film. 

Audiences can come to watch the film in theatres to feel the emotional drama where the director has taken care that no bold or vulgarity has preference in the film.

Climax is decent enough and the director took time to reveal the twist. The film's runtime is added advantage as the audience will not have any boring moments to feel the excitement.

RATING: 2.75/5

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