“Actor Sree Vishnu Unveils ‘Market Mahalakshmi’ Teaser!”

‘Kerintha’ fame Parvateesam and newcomer Praneekaanvikaa will be seen in a family-friendly movie titled Market Mahalakshmi. Directed by VS Mukkhesh, the film is produced by Akhilesh Kalaru. Bankrolled by B2P Studios, the entertainer also stars Harsha Vardhan, Mahaboob Basha, and Mukku Avinash in other roles.

Days after its Concept Motion Poster was released, the makers unveiled a Teaser today. Actor Sree Vishnu released the Teaser and praised the team. Actor Sree Vishnu said, “I have seen the teaser. The characterizations of the male and female leads are so good while being absolutely funny. Parvateesam is my favorite; his comedy timing is sharp. I strongly believe that this movie will bring a good name to everyone involved. My best wishes to the team. I hope every audience member loves this one.”

Hero Parvateesam thanked the ‘Samajavaragamana’ actor for releasing the teaser. “If you like our teaser, please share it with others and spread the word,” he added, urging the audience to support ‘Market Mahalakshmi’.

Comedian Mahaboob Basha said, “I am very happy that Sree Vishnu Garu has launched the Teaser. He has done many story-driven stories and ‘Market Mahalakshmi’ is one such film. I am happy that the teaser for our movie has been released by such an actor. Moreover, he is my favorite hero.”

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