Dheera Telugu Movie Review

Movie - Dheera
Cast - Laksh Chadalavada, Soniya Bansal, Neha Pathan & Others
Director - Vikranth Srinivas
Producer - Padmavati Chadalavada
Banner - Sri Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara Films
Dop - Kanna P.C
Music - Sai Kartheek
Editor - Vinai Ramaswamy V
Release Date - 2nd February 2024
Censor Report - U/A

Versatile Hero Laksh Chadalavada is all set to entertain audience with his latest film "Dheera" is in theatres from today. Dheera has created a positive buzz since from its glimpse and also created a resounding vibe with its theatrical trailer. The film is directed by Vikranth Srinivas and produced by Chadalavada Padmavathi under the banner Sri Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara Films.   

The film has  Laksh Chadalavada, Soniya Bansal, Neha Pathan, Roopa, Samrat, Himaja, Dharani,Suman and others in key roles. Sai Kartheek is the music director and Vinai Ramaswamy V is the editor with Kanna as the Cinematographer. 

Dheera's Plot:

The story starts of with Political Strategist Raj Guru's hospital scene. Hamsa Lekha Devi (Himaja) a powerful lady who can influence entire ministry wants Raj Guru to get cured for her selfish political benefit. 

Ranadheer (Laksh) is a care free guy who only settles every deal with money is given a mission to shift Raj Guru from Vizag Hospital to Hyderabad in an emergency situation. Amrutha (Neha Pathan) is a doctor and Ex-Lover of Ranadheer agrees to help Ranadheer to shift Raj Guru to Hyderabad.  

On thier journey, Ranadheer is attacked by several goons. However he is successful in shifting Raj Guru to Hyderabad.Twist in the tale arises when Alex (Samrat) attacks them once again. What is  the reason behind the attack? Will Ranadheer comes out of this tricky situation is rest of the story.


Laksh Chadalavada is a perfect choice for this film. He delivered his best throughout the film with all his effort. 

Neha Pathan delivers a decent performance and had a scope of sharing full length screen space with Laksh.

Soniya Bansal as Manisha comes and goes with less screen space. 

Mirchi Kiran entertains audience with his comic timing. His combination scenes with Laksh is hilarious.

Himaja gets crucial screen space with an important role. She delivers a noticeable performance throughout the film.

Senior Actor Suman also shares a screen space for few mins

Dharani and Kireeti are okay as bad guys

About Dheera Technicalities:

Vikranth Srinivas being a captain of the ship is successful in narrating his story by engaging audience with his brillaint screenplay.

Music Composer Sai Karthik's BGM is good and his recent sensational song "Adharam Madhuram" gets good buzz in theaters as well.

Production Values by Sri Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara Films is decent.

Vinai Ramaswamy's Editing is neat and crispy

Dheera's Analysis

Overall, Dheera film is a decent watch in this weekend for the action film lovers. The film's run time is an added asset. Actor Laksh undoubtedly gave his best performance till date. The film's racy screenplay will thrill audience with good twists throughout the movie. Even though the film starts off on the slow note, the director has made sure that no audience will gets bored of any scenes. Each and every character in the film has an important end from the first half till the end card.

Laksh's onscreen chemistry with Neha Pathan and Soniya Bansal worked out well in the movie. Dheera's first half is blended well with neat love story and a power packed action scenes with beautiful twist in the pre interval block. The Second half of the film comes into the real plot and the mission behind the story in the first half. All characters in the film are not wasted and director took care of presenting them with thrilling twists.


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