Mehreen Pirzada urges Media to STOP and REFRAIN from spreading fake rumours

Tollywood Actress Mehreen Pirzada who is known for playing notable roles in Telugu Film Industry is into the news for her latest social cause on "Freezing Eggs".

She took her social media handle to make sure that Freezing Eggs is all about the social awareness to be learnt by each and every individual.

Actress Mehreen Pirzada stated,

"Dear Media,

It is high time few reporters need to respect their job and understand what responsibility social media and the Press holds towards the society.

Just to sell a news with fake and incorrect information is not only immoral but illegal too.

For ‘Freezing eggs’ a girl doesn’t need to be pregnant.

My post was to educate such people and l dared to share a very personal decision for social awareness. As a responsible celebrity my aim was to make  aware child deprived couples and the girls who wish to focus on their career/make right time decisions to get married and plan a baby when they are fully ready to become responsible mothers.

STOP and REFRAIN from spreading fake rumours otherwise I am here to respond with legal action.

My audience, Fans & Family support, gave me confidence to speak and share anything that helps to create awareness on this topic or any other topic that is looked down upon as a Taboo so that innocent people can’t be misled by false reporting to the society.

We should be proud of our Doctors and our country where we have advanced medical science. People travel from alI the way from abroad to India for best results and our handful of fake people who call themselves “Journalists” are illiterate of reality.

It hurts that such irresponsible people who calls themselves “reporters” have stooped to such a low level. I demand a public apology and immediate removal of the news posted by few media and any other channel on this topic".

Lets wait and see how the media is going to act on the Actress statement.

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