"Anant Bhai Ambani's Vantara: Leading the Charge in Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation"

Anant Bhai Ambani's Vantara, nestled in the serene landscapes of Jamnagar, Gujarat, embodies a singular mission: to extend compassionate care and cutting-edge medical support to animals in distress. With a holistic approach to rehabilitation, it provides a natural and nurturing environment for its residents, fostering their physical and emotional well-being. Vantara is poised to spearhead global efforts in wildlife rehabilitation.

Meaning "Star of The Forest," Vantara is a visionary wildlife preservation initiative founded by Anant Ambani and backed by the formidable support of Reliance Industries and Reliance Foundation. Situated within the expansive Jamnagar Refinery Complex, spanning a vast 3000 acres, Vantara serves as a sanctuary for animals enduring abuse, injury, or facing extinction.

In a daring rescue operation, Anant Bhai Ambani's Vantara mobilized a convoy consisting of six vehicles, including ambulances, feed vehicles, and a dedicated team of 22 staff members, to liberate Elephant Pratima and her calf from Tripura. This remarkable effort underscores Vantara’s unwavering commitment to animal welfare, as their dedicated medical team embarked on a remarkable journey covering 3500 kilometers from Jamnagar to Tripura in a mere 24 hours to provide essential care for Pratima.

Their relocation was preceded by extensive treatment by Vantara's specialists, ensuring their well-being every step of the way.

A veterinary surgeon from the trust who examined them in Tripura, found several wounds and lacerations on Pratima, as well as severe stiffness in the limbs, and blindness in one eye. Pratima was emaciated while her calf was also suffering from a lack of nutrition.

Despite the ongoing treatment provided by local veterinarians, including systemic antibiotics, painkillers, vitamin supplements, and regular dressing, Dr. Ghatare underscored a chilling truth: Pratima and Maniklal's survival hung by a thread. Urgent intensive care and adequate nutrition were not just optional enhancements, but essential lifelines crucial to their very existence.

Supported by compelling evidence, including before-and-after images, videos, veterinary records, and governmental endorsements, Pratima and her calf's success story underscores Vantara's commitment to excellence in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.
Furthermore, Vantara's robust infrastructure stands ready to accommodate and provide
continuous care for up to 500 elephants, ensuring that no animal in need is ever turned away.

According to a release by PETA, Pratima and her calf were being unlawfully held without an ownership certificate, violating wildlife protection laws. A veterinary examination revealed alarming signs of neglect, including emaciation, abscesses, and injuries, highlighting the urgent need for intervention.

Under the expert care of Vantara's dedicated team, led by two veterinarians including Dr. Jahan from Gauhati, Pratima and her calf are now on the road to recovery. With round-the-clock medical attention and compassionate support, both mother and calf are experiencing a remarkable transformation, defying the odds and inspiring hope for their future.

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